Papaya leaves disease/virus

I have been researching Papaya’s diseases and viruses for a while, yet I have not found one that matches the problem that I have right now. I have a papaya tree that the leaves are drying slowly on the tree and the fruit is stunted. I have tried numerous organic remedies but none of them work. Does any of you know about this problem and how to treat it?

Do you have any pictures you could share of the symptoms? I know next to nothing about papayas, but from a general knowledge of plants what you describe could be caused by anything from a nutrient deficiency to too small a pot to inconsistent watering to a disease that you may or may not be able to do anything about. Any additional info you have to narrow it down will help you get a good response.

Thank you for your response. Yes, I have pictures but I do not know how to upload them. I look all over the website and I could not find anything.

For your information, it gets consistent water, it has the proper nutrients, it is in a super large pot. I brought it indoors in late fall. I have treated twice with Neem oil.

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Check The instructions in the link below. It is under Guides category.

You will learn a lot of functions besides posting pic from the thread.

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Have you overwintered it inside before? It may just not like being inside and will pep right up when it goes back out. Even right next to a sunny window is very dark compared to being outside. Some of my tropicals that I keep outside in the summer also look a bit unhappy in the winter when I have them inside.

Yes, I overwintered inside last year too. I have a high ceiling home and there is a high window that gives the plant direct full sun for 4 hours in the morning and after that, I have a grow light over the plant for another 8 hours.
Do you know how to upload photos on this website?

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Open a reply,just like normally writing a message.In the toolbar at the top,the seventh character from the left,looks like a horizontal rectangle,with an arrow attached,pointing up.Click on that and the two choices will be,to upload from my device or the web.


These are the picture. The leaves that are no sick are shiny and green, the papayas look healthy but the growth is stunted.

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