Paraffin wax grafting method

I noticed the paraffin wax grafting method apparatus has a couple of years left until the patent expires. Paraffin grafting wax is a nice method is anyone using it ? The machine I’ve never seen in use.
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If your not familiar with the paraffin wax grafting method see this video and this one

That patent was probably unenforceable, the paraffin wax method has been used for almost 100 years. In any case it expired a few years ago (1992 granted means 2009 expiration). You can patent how to zip up a zipper these days, its shocking how ignorant the patent office is.

I assumed the Doc Farewells paint was similar to grafting wax, both provide a complete seal which decays on its own. If you are doing tons of bench grafts the wax method could be faster and easier but its probably the opposite for field grafts.


I think the patent was on the device to heat the wax? We seal all of our bench grafts with wax. Keeping wax melted while top working isnt really practical. I use one of the grafting sealers for those applications

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My understanding was the patent was on the apparatus not the method. I always receive some scions that have been dipped in paraffin. Wax dipping is a nice method but I’m not familiar with the machine or how it could improve upon dunking 20 rootstocks at a time. I would likely use this machine because it looks like it would work just fine.

Word of caution for folks unfamiliar with the concept: If you can make candles with it, it will burn easily; and heating it, especially with an open flame, should only be done in a very controlled way/setting. The fumes when heating wax can…poof!..ignite. I use food-grade wax to seal mycelium plugs in logs, outside. It can be tricky.

vine grafting machine that is already a bit old, only makes the graft omega, look at the minut 3:30 in this video, the machine itself joins the graft and rootstocks

another video graft and use of hormones mixed with parafilm

stratification chamber villanueva nurseries where 2 million vines are forming callus healing at a controlled temperature