Passiflora not setting fruit

Is hand polination supposed to work? what could I be doing wrong… it has been potted 2 years. What have you found works best for getting fruit?

There are a lot of passiflora species and hybrids – many are ornamental and do not bear fruit. What do you have?

I have caerulea and amethyst. I just got some seeds of the ( pink flower that droops down)banana passionflora.
Just pollinated 2 caerulea flowers this afternoon. I’ll check it tomorrow could it have been too hot? not enough water throughout the last few months?,. it was in the high 90’s with 15 days + in the 100’s. I would pollenate them and a day or two later they seemed to fall off at the tip where the stem meets the bottom of the flower.

Wow… interesting… I would love to have banana passiflora (passiflora molissima)… been trying for ages to get ahold of this variety but my seed bought from eBay mostly don’t sprout… so frustrating… already buy 4 times… and will try again… would you share the source of your seed and how to sow it… don’t forget to share your success in pollination too… good luck…

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lost track as to where the pots went, will have to re sow. I put them in cell packs. Yep same place as you, saw them on eBay for cheap . Thanks and good luck with your too! I will keep this undated with whatever I get.

I see… tq then…

Amethyst is frequently confused with Lavendar Lady which is definitely sterile.

I’ve had LL, or Amethyst, for 10 years and even when surrounded by incarnata, edulis, caerulea, Incense and capsularis it has never produced a single fruit.

For me, capsularis produces heavily…even from seed in a single year. It is, however, not a passiflora whose fruit I would eat. It is neat that they explode open throwing their seeds when ripe, though.


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ahh I see. They are nice to look at anyway. I’m going to look for some fredrick and incence seeds… or something else that’s edible. This is a picture from yesterday. Thanks for clearing that one up.

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