Passionfruit disease

Hi my Passionfruits seem to have some sort of disease… can anyone help me identify the disease and what the treatment would be?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


Hi Andy, welcome to the forum. Please add your location to your profile when you get a chance. I’ve not seen that symptom on Passionfruit before. By any chance is that Maypop?

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Hi Richard, I’ve updated my profile :slightly_smiling_face:

Are there more fruit that look like this? Do you know the variety of passiflora?

Are there any other symptoms, leaf problems?

I almost think the problem, lacking other signs, might be physical damage to the developing fruit causing scarring…


Hi Scott… it’s a Nellie Kelly Grafted Black Passionfruit.

Thanks again

The leaves on the whole are excellent… a couple have some discolouration.

Also Scott… most of the fruit looks like this… starts out beautiful normal green and then they all deteriorate

How do you water it?

How long have you had it?

I’m thinking it might be scab. It can be caused by overhead (as opposed to soil-level) watering. The leaves look good.

IF you just received it I’d contact the seller and share your concerns (especially if the plant is still small). If this plant is older or larger I’d guess that scab is the most likely issue. Improve the air-circulation and try watering at soil level. A fungicide might also help.

I don’t have that particular variety (though I have grown edulis).


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I thought it might be Taphrina deformans.
but I’m not sure.