Past chill hours

Is there a site to find out your past years chill hours your area actually got?

Bonifay, FL 32425 zone 8b

the simple sites listed in the old guides are gone, where you could put in a zip code and it would spit out a number. you can still use an extension service model tool. the oregon state extension tool has data for the whole country so it should work for you:

  • choose weather station
  • unselect the default models and select “plant disease/other hour driven models” … “other” … one of chilling units (simple), chilling units (utah) or custom degree-hour accumulation
  • select a date range in the past. something like november 1 + 270 days should work to catch the full winter for you
  • click the refresh button at the top and wait, it’s slow

I did this for a station near tallahassee and got about 380 hours for the 2019-2020 winter with the simple model, does that sound right?


I don’t know of any on the national level, but at least a few states have something. Here’s one for Florida:

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Thanks for the site info. If I did it correctly the Chipley chill hours for winter 2018 was 739 and 2019 was 384, big difference. This will be a good site to explore. I checked out the last 5 years and the average chill hours was 609 which is pretty correct for the low hours predicted on the zones maps.

I lived in Tallahassee for a few years. That sounds about right.