Patapsco Persimmon?

Does anyone have any information about the Patapsco Persimmon? In researching Dr. Jim Shanks, who, if I’m not mistaken, Imported the Miss Kim and Sung Hui varieties, I stumbled across this 1998 article regarding the variety. it seems Dr. Jim Shanks passed along the Patapsco Persimmon project to Dr. Frank Gouin who was trying to develop a reliable grafting technique for the new hybrid Persimmon on his farm in Deale Maryland, named Upakrik Farm. The farm is still listed on the Maryland best website, but sadly, Dr. Gouin passed in 2018. Was Dr. Gouin ever sucessful in reliably grafting the variety? is it still around, maybe under a different name? would love to get more information as the farm is ~8.3 miles from my house as the crow flies.