Patio Peach... is it alive?

I bought this bare root dwarf Bonanaza peach tree a few weeks ago and noticed the top branches are shriveling up. I also did the scratch test 2/3rds of the way up the tree and it was slightly green. Is it dying?

Another question… should I prune the top of this tree? I marked yellow lines where I think I should do it. The person who sold this tree to me said I won’t be getting fruit til next year.

Thanks for your help!

If cambium is slightly green it may be dying. You could prune it or not. It doesn’t have a great shape. Make sure it has water, looks dry. Soil seems to be pulling away from the sides.

I have it in one of these self watering pots and the soil is always moist so I haven’t been watering it much for fear of overwatering… maybe I should have been watering more… oops… thanks for your response!

Looks alive in the main body, but the limb tips look dead.

Can’t answer the watering issue…I don’t have much issue except for droughts…which had been rare until last August here of late in KY.

Looks alive …but you’ll find out after a week or so of warm weather. At least here in SW Wisconsin all my peaches are pushing green.

Why is it inside? :slight_smile:

That tree looks like it was not well-cared for at the nursery. Peaches can have some green but still not quite have the energy to bud out… I had one tree stay green in the wood for a whole year without budding out before it finally died.

Overall it is not looking super good but it could come around so don’t pull it out yet.