Paw paw grafting fruit timeline

So attached below is an image of a paw paw of unknown variety I just pick up from a local nursery. It is about 3ft in height. My question is if I graft this tree next season with a known variety and plant it in the ground, can I expect fruit in about 2-3years?

Yes If the scion used is of fruiting maturity.


I’d plant it in the ground and get well established ASAP.

Yes likely 3 years until you’ll see fruit. Id completely top work it and not try to only graft a single branch.

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All great advice

Thank you everyone for the reply! We have a long week of cooler n rainy weather so that will make transplanting in ground less stressful hopefully. I do have a similar size tree planted last fall and grafted during early spring just to see how it would do and now to my surprise all of the grafting branches took n pushing leaves! I am so hopeful that they perhaps can produce in 3 or so year. Thanks.

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Why the whole thing, is it liable to be rejected if only one branch? Isn’t it good to have multiple pollinizers?

Its definitely good to have more varieties for pollination but the seedling portion still needs more than 3 yrs to mature and begin flowering so if the op wants fruit sooner id really suggest trying to push as much growth from the graft as possible. Its not necessary to top work it completely to be successful, you can get away with just adding a branch as long as its growing well. I havent had any pawpaws abort a graft but they do tend to favor their own branches over the graft until the graft really gets growing.

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