Paw Paw Hunting


Looks delicious. I can hardly wait for mine to start producing. Is the plastic wrap to prevent freezer burn?


Yes. I did the same thing to freeze persimmons and figs.



So you just freeze them whole, as easy as that?


I peeled the skin and wrapped with plastic food wrap then placed them into a 1 gallon Ziplock.



EDIT: Red Fern Farm is no-longer shipping pawpaws.


Some of their varieties off the top of my head: NC-1, Susquehana, Shenandoah, Overleese, Atria, Betria, Regulus, Pennsylvania Golden #1, Pennsylvania Golden #2.

Atria, Betria, and Regulus are their own selections and are every bit as wonderful as Peterson’s pawpaws.


Thanks, Dax. I’m OTP with them right now (they are very nice!), ordering 5 pounds. They add 3% if you pay by paypal or credit card, rather than check. I’ll try to cancel the Integration Acres order. They suspended all of the orders for 2 weeks right after I placed my order for a local Paw Paw festival.


Not sure what OTP means? Did you get any pawpaws yet?

Ask for a few NC-1, Atria or Betria or Regulus; Taytwo is milder with excellent flavor. Taytwo is more refreshing vs. super richness in flavor. Of course Susquehana and Shenandoah are known to be excellent. The Shenandoah I brought home was lacking flavor for whatever reason this year.

They have others too but definitely get some NC-1.

Prok persimmons are fantastic. Osage persimmons are very good, as-well. If you’re interested you could get those, too. I’m really sold on Prok. It doesn’t need to be soft to eat. It’s non-astringent when pretty firm. Same with Osage.

Edit: OTP
You’re on the phone. Yes they are incredibly nice.



Dax - If you have enough, the persimmon chiffon pie recipe Kathy has is very good. I’d recommend making it.


Thanks Drew. I don’t have enough but will ask for the recipe.




I’ve checked out their web site. They have some great scionwood, too! A lot of paw paw varieties, Asian and Euro pears. The apple scionwood’s very interesting. Among the cultivars they offered in 2018:

Ashmead’s Kernel

Cox’s Orange Pippin

Esopus Spitzenburg

Roxbury Russet

Karmijin de Sonneville

These guys are very cool. If they made it widely known that they ship paw paw fruit I’m sure they’d do very well.


I know. My exact thoughts, Joe.

It’s not on their website that they ship fresh fruit.



BTW — I haven’t had paw paw this year, yet. Integration Acres disappointed me by opening up their web site for orders and noting that the paw paws are ripening early this year, and then suspending all orders for 2 weeks so they could do the Paw Paw festival. This is something they do every year so they should have known better than to do something like that.

Red Fern Farm is going to have the better paw paws anyways, all named varieties and not wild. I’ll still drive up to Rhode Island when Rocky Point Farm sells their paw paws in October. They have some good stuff.



I was there on Monday.


A friend gave me a sunflower to eat but the wild pawpaw are still a couple of weeks out in Kansas.


This year was good year for my Asimina trees and i had lots of fruits :grin::grin:.


Where are you growing them? I don’t know your native tongue.



Got my first ripe pawpaw of the season yesterday. It was a seedling one that I bought years ago and while more seedy than the Peterson ones I have it always seems to ripen the first fruit for me.

Kiwis are still a week or two from being ripe, Cudrania has been dropping fruit (dime sized and hard, but pink/orange) for a week. (looks like I’m not getting ripe fruit from it again this year) Potted figs are giving me a few fruit each week, with Atreano the biggest and VdB the most prolific this year.

Have never seen a pawpaw in the wild here in SE Michigan. (though I have been throwing seeds out my car window into wooded areas for half a decade or so)


I’m still wondering what Tropic Treat (England’s) is like. I will likely add that one or Mango as my last one in the next year or so…


I think this guy is from Serbia.


I would’ve said Russia. I have no idea where Serbia is but I think it’s by Russia.

His garden looks tropical to me.



If you see the comments below the video that are in a foreign language, you can copy and paste that into Google Translate which can detect the language. It’s Serbian.