Paw paw leaf curl

Any thoughts on why my paw paw tree has severe leaf curl… And possible remedies?
One picture shows a healthy Paw paw just ten feet away from diseased Paw paw
Last year iPod lots of grass clippings around both trees abt 8" high, and also diseased tree a few feet from horseradish
No herbicides used anywhere in the area
The board shown behind the diseased Paw paw was a prop so that curl can more visible

I had some pawpaw leaves like that a few years ago but they became normal leaf shape as they got bigger. No worry.


Okay …i will wait it out…but it looks grim…

All leaves curled, no blossoms, stunted growth…oh my
I thought a comparable problem with leaf curl in other fruit trees, and as such i would treat similar way…if there is a way

Unless someone has been spraying weed killers on a windy day…probably no worries.

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Is leaf curl what I’ve got going on here with one of my seedlings?

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