Paw Paw tree: Will it survive?

I just received my Sunflower Paw Paw tree right now. And it doesn’t look good, my question is will it survive?

My other trees: Russian Tea, Alpine Strawberry, and Figs arrived in excellent condition, except the paw paw.

The leaf condition doesn’t mean much this time of yr. They’re going to drop soon no matter what. If the wood is green and firm it’s probably OK. Water it and see how it does from here.

Please check your PM. I need your address.

Where did you get the pawpaw?

Raintree Nursery.

I have a question, are paw paws related to custard apples?

All my trees look like that right now. So yes, it looks fine. Paw paws grow great here too.

I got a pawpaw from Raintree that died this past spring. It was very small when it came and didn’t have much of a root system. My healthiest pawpaw came from Nolin nursery.

The Weatherman,
Yes, paw paw and custard apple and cherimoya are related. They are in the same plant family.

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exactly. And pawpaw is super unique, being the only fruiting member of the family which tolerates-- if not actually needs-- frigid winters!

Raintree does good with bare root plants, I have never ordered a potted, growing plant from them.