Pawpaw Names and Alternative Names

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I’ve been trying to wade through the confusion of pawpaw names and alternative names that seem to be out there. Here is the list that I have compiled so far. It would be interesting to hear feedback and corrections, as well as additional names and name alternatives.

Asimina triloba 250-30 Jerry’s Delight
Asimina triloba 250-39 Jerry’s Big Girl, JBG
Asimina triloba 275-48 Lehman’s Delight
Asimina triloba 275-56 Benny’s Favorite
Asimina triloba Al Horn White Flesh Al Horn
Asimina triloba Caspian Pawpaw Caspian Halvin
Asimina triloba Convis Corvis
Asimina triloba Jerry’s Big Girl 250-39, JBG
Asimina triloba KSU 94-25 Pina Colada
Asimina triloba Maria’s Joy 166-13
Asimina triloba NC-1 Campbell’s No.1
Asimina triloba Sam Norris SN-7, Sam Norris #7
Asimina triloba Taytoo Taytwo

(Apologies for it being a bit of an eye chart. Copy and paste out of Excel created this format.)



Here’s two tables, a figure, and a list of references from a paper published Jan. 2023. Tables 2 and 4 might help you with correct spellings and dates of release from breeders. Figure 7 provides context for Table 4. The references contain links to the sources of information.

Table 2 - 90 names.pdf (319.0 KB)

Table 4 - Genomic relations.pdf (332.5 KB)

Figure 7 - Topological graph.pdf (441.4 KB)

References.pdf (266.0 KB)


pardon sir, topological graph showing no connection between potomac and susquehanna, no connection between overleese and shaenadoah, yet a susquehanna connection to shenandoah?

It is a map of genomic associations. Here is the article:

I know the KSU varieties were originally numbered…

Atwood - 8-2
Benson - 7-5
Chappell - 4-1

Some others
October Moon - 275-17
Prima - Prima 1216
Windstar - 275-48 X 275-50