Pawpaw on a trellis

Good afternoon.
Has anyone tried to grow pawpaw on a trellis?

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No reason you couldn’t espalier it.

I live in zone 4b. Azimina does not ripen every year. I want to grow part of the trees in an unheated greenhouse on a trellis.

although it is recommended to do minimal pruning pawpaw everywhere, I have little experience growing it in a container. I prune my plant to 4 buds. in my opinion pawpaw tolerates pruning very well. I managed to form a small tree with a spherical crown.

I have little experience in shaping an apple tree in the form of a espalier (horizontal T). pawpaw, too, I want to form in the form of a espalier.

if someone has already done this, I would like to see the result, well, and find out what problems he encountered.

This is my asimina.

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