Pawpaw seeds available (All Gone)

I have many pawpaw seeds if anyone would like some.


Those are some fat seeds what cultivar did they come from?

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I purchased these from Ohio department of natural resources. This is how they describe them.

Pawpaw Asimina triloba
A deciduous tree from the Annona Family

I am grafting to them. Grafts have not yet produced.

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They look healthy hopefully they grow well for you. I would have taken you up on some but I just ordered an oz of seeds myself.

I should explain that better. I purchased the original trees from them. The seeds came from the trees I planted 15 years ago.

I don’t need anymore seeds😃

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Bob it is very generous of you to offer your seeds, I’m sure somebody can really use them. Do you have any persimmon seeds by chance?

I don’t. I do have several roots I will be grafting this spring and will be looking for wood.

what are you looking for?

Liking for cold hardy. Fuyu, Ichi, Tam Kam, Jiro I’m just getting into them and I’m sure there are others that will do well in the cold. Great Wall, Sheng, and SaijoGreat Wall, Sheng, kaki.

I’m open to try any suggested scions. I’ve got about 20 roots to graft to.

I have fuyu I can send you but it may not do well in your zone when do you need them?

Hello, I would be interested in trying some paw paw’s. I’m in North Central Ohio, would they do ok in my area? How much are you asking for the seeds? Thank you

PM me your address and I will send you some. Let us know how they work for you in your area.

Seasons Greetins

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Sure will. Thank you Bob.

I can send you seeds from the last of my
American persimmons, which I’ve had in the freezer since harvest and am taking out and eating a few at a time. Glad to do it. This tree is from a graft from an experimental orchard in central Illinois and have done well in my pocket of Zone 6 in northern IL. Just let me know.


I was there about 10 years ago. It is in central Illinois near Effingham, A gentleman, very old at the time and I don’t recall his name had started it when he was young. He had–believe it or not–2,000 trees in 20 neat rows of 100 each and a history of each one. He had hand-pollinated each one. It was his labor of love. By that time it was about to be managed by Jerry Lehman, who is very active in NAFEX. I believe he is still doing it, but I have to admit that I haven’t kept contact. I came away with scions from two of the trees and grafted them onto seedling stock. These two and a seedling male are all I have in my residential back yard. The two females weren’t named–just code numbers. They may have been given names by now. I have seeds just one of them now. How do I like it? I do. What else can I say? If it is scions you want, both trees will require a lot of pruning this spring, so I will have plenty of scionwood, but I’d have to ask Jerry Lehman if it is OK to pass it on.

They’re all gone!! I’m sending them out today… For all those that requested them, please enjoy!