Pawpaw Varieties


Hi @Vincent_8B and others,
I made the trip to flower world and picked up a Shenandoah pawpaw and another seedling. The total price was less than $50. The Seedling was nearly 5 feet tall and the the Shenandoah was maybe 3 feet tall but well branched out.
Thanks very much for posting about it.


SMy niece bought a couple pawpaw from them also. But they have only 2 varieties for now. I just went there to buy Frost peach after see frost peach performing well @ my friend’s house . It’s out and i bought hardyred Nectarine instead. i saw they still have some pawpaw trees left. Hopefully you will have some fruits soon Ram.


It looks like I might get 5 pawpaws from my Potomac tree this year (planted summer 2017). It’s the most vigorous out of all the ones I planted.


That looks a lot like one I ate last evening…light yellow inside and about 10 seeds in one that was 5 inches long and half that big diameter. I don’t know the variety I had…but I see lots of resemblance.


My Taytwo and NC1 pawpaw have some fruits in Seattle areas ( planted May. 2019 good size trees )


Any one knows if Sweet Virginia is a good variety? Thank’s!


Sure is.


Thank’s! What caracteristics sweet virginia have?


Good taste and size, quite early.


New Pawpaw Book: “For The Love Of Pawpaws” (A Mini Manual for Growing and Caring for PawPaws) by Michael Judd.

Highly recommend! Really helpful info. Judd groups varieties by taste similarities (mild vs bold, etc). This book is very well done, will be invaluable to pawpaw growers. Strong on growing tips.


My first sunflower pawpaw fruit… i know it’s very small but i’m happy! It was stinky and sweet but not too much. I didn’t identify any particular flavour on this first fruit.


I am in paw paws heaven now.



OMG, what do you do with them all? I don’t like eating more than a couple a week.


I will peel some and individual wrap with saran wrap and freeze them whole for year round enjoyment.



I had a few flowers this spring didn’t think any set and I just saw this. First Susquehanna, had a cold wet spring not much summer either. Doubt this will ripen this year. Still…


The only one I have,an Overleese,is about the size of Luisport’s in the above photos.There are probably about 3 weeks of growing time


Hopefully we can taste ripen pawpaw this year. not a pickle pawpaw . Hihi


I think they’re about all ripe and gone in Kentucky. I know one yard that may still have a couple wild ones.


I just eat another small one and this time i think it was perfectly ripe, because it was just worderfull! So sweet and tropical, with a pudding texture… My God i want to plant a forest of tem! :yum::yum::yum:


Just clean the seeds well and place them in a ziplock bag and refrigerate them until late April and plant them. You will soon have a forest of them.