Pawpaw Varieties


You stole my words mamuang. Almost exactly my case. I may need to make a road trip to this Flower World.

Edit: unfortunately that’s on the wrong side of Seattle


Great minds think alike. If I could save 4 years and only paying $29.99, I would go get it. My Shanandoah has flowered for the past 3 years ( precocious that way) but my Mango does not. @Bradybb gave me pollen this spring but my cross poltiming timing could have been off so no fruit set so far.

Murky, if I were you, I would drive 50 miles to save 4 years. In fact, I drove 42 miles from my house to buy the pawpaws from Logee’s in CT.


Shenandoah- hate to say it but it’s my least favorite pawpaw of any I’ve tasted. So mild it doesn’t even taste like pawpaw to me. Lots of people apparently like it- that’s what I read. I have high hopes for Susquehanna that’s supposed to have a bolder taste.


Minus 15% off so about less then $25 plus tax each.
Information said Shennadoah is late ripping. But still in September in Kentucky. I don’t think big different compare to others varieties.
Last time I paid for bigger size $150 plus tax @ Sky nursery.

The one on the right is Shenanadoah.
On the left is Mitchell from Raintree .
Middle one is Seedling pawpaw also $30.
Chandler Blueberry $12.
Jujubes about 8 ft tall $55


My trees act the same as yours. Shenandoah likes to put out flowers more than the others but is a slow grower. Mango puts out nice growth but hasn’t flowered for me yet. Both planted 3 year ago at about the same size along with an Allegheny and Wabash.


Thank you Vincent! I will make a trip to flower world soon!


Your welcome Ram . Hopefully you will get some. Below my shenanadoah 3.5 ft picture.


Wow! That’s huge.
Do they have other varieties?


Too bad , I saw they have only Shenandoah and the Seedling pawpaw for that area in the nursery. I forgot to take a look persimmon section also. They have a lot different varieties of figs.


That place sounds great!


I heard they’re 12 acres nursery, You can spend all day to walk in there.


My pawpaw sunflower


Here’s a wild dwarf pawpaw patch I found in the greater Everglades ecoregion.


Pawpaw has a purple flower and the leaf looks similar to magnolia. Those white flowers are not wild pawpaw.


There are 8 native pawpaws in FL.
Could it be that some of them may not look like the common pawpaws, Asimina Triloba, that we are used to?


Nice find! It definitely looks like an Asimina. Probably obovata or reticulata.


Anybody want to venture what variety dropped all it’s pawpaws on Tuesday (7/30/19) in Somerset, KY? I don’t have any idea…but the tree is extremely symmetrical/gorgeous…and on a property line apparently at edge of a paved area.
Seeds didn’t quite appear mature, brown with white, but the flesh was getting soft, and was almost the color of pumpkin.
Flesh edible, but off-taste.
Healthy, lovely landscape tree.


Oh yes, it’s the asimina obovata, forgot to add that. All the farthest south dwarf pawpaw’s have whitish flowers, same structure different color. They only grow 2-3’ tall for the most part but they make large fruits. Might be interesting to make some crosses with triloba. They can handle some pretty brutal conditions like full sun, parched soil, high water table. The ones I found were flowering in late February-early March.


Im harvesting my first susquehanna pawpaws this year. They have a bolder flavor than my mango pawpaw. I really like them a lot. The flesh is a lot more orange, firmer and sweeter than mango. Bold flavor but not an overpowering pawpaw “funk”, just really nice flavor. One that i ate had some grapey notes, which i was not expecting. I know this is all totally subjective. They are very firm, only having a little give when they drop off the tree. In contrast, mango is approaching a bag of goo when they drop. My shenandoah has not produced yet so i cant compare. Anyway, just my observations…


I’ve had NC-1 and Sunflower in the ground for three years here. NC-1 has grown beautifully but has not bloomed yet. Sunflower has set its first crop this year----about twenty or so fruit----so apparently will live up to its reputation for precocity.

Nyomi’s Delicious also has a reputation for vigor and I believe precocity. When I set this one out last year, it was a recent graft—don’t believe it was even a foot tall, and I was skeptical it would ever amount to much. But it’s grown with gusto. Anyway, that’s Nyomi on the left:

I’ve got a rando seedling that’s always been a weakling and seems to be on the verge of kicking the bucket, and am thinking about replacing it with Al Horn’s White. Anybody have any experience with that one? Looks delicious and, if descriptions I’ve read are to be believed, may be the closest I’ll ever come to tasting a cherimoya.