Pawpaw Varieties


I came home from vacation today and saw that my efforts to hand pollinate my Potomac pawpaw paid off. Now there seems to be quite a few flowers that are forming what look like little clusters of fruitlets, maybe 10 or more. My tree is only 4 feet tall and obviously can’t support them all. Will some fall on their own or should I remove the majority of the clusters now? Maybe wait a few weeks longer?


I think your tree will take good care by itself . Just waiting do not do anything to the fruitlet yet.


I would let the fruits grow a little bigger and thin them down to one or two fruits per cluster then support the tree with a bamboo stick. I used the black electrical tape and wrapped around them a couple of times. Good job on hand pollinated them.


Last year my Sunflower fruited for the first time and I thought there were too many fruitlets. Week by week some fell off, and by the end of the summer only two were left. I’d at least wait a little while to thin.


Mine have some fruitlets now but not sure any of them will left at the end.


You will get to taste some pawpaws for sure.


For those of us in the natural range of the pawpaw.,
I believe the pawpaw peduncle bore, is likely responsible for thinning the fruit. Many years they thin too much.
I would not be in a big hurry to thin.
If you are outside the natural range this may not be a issue. .?


Hi there. I’m smack in the middle of pawpaw country! It grows wild where I go fishing, but I live in the suburbs and there are no pawpaws for miles. I hope this pest does not find my backyard.


My Taytwo pawpaw leaf out nicely with some fruitlets.


Well, finally got there… After years and thanks to the pollen donations from TonyOmahaz5 and Bradybb, I have set pawpaws…

Nice Blossoms…

Pollen Rig…

Set Fruit…

One interesting thing, almost every blossom I went poking around with the pollen on paint brush had an ant-like insect that came out :ant:, angry I was disturbing it. Later, when I went back to check for set fruit, I noted that there was set fruit much higher than I could ever reach. Thinking about it, I have to assume some of these ant-like insects must have gotten some pollen on them from the lower blossoms I pollinated, and carried it to the upper areas.

Longer term, I’m thinking of grafting a different variety on the lowest branches of the tree and letting these little fellows :ant: do the work for me… :smiley:


@Bradybb Belated thanks again for the pollen. RIP. This year our double late frost killed off most of the blossoms and the few that I got to set fruit were knocked off by hail. Another year to wait. :sweat_smile:

Does any one have the bloom order for pawpaw varieties? I recall that @tonyOmahaz5 posted in some thread that Sunflower should be earliest? This jives with the KSU trials with pawpaw rootstocks.

I’m wondering how mango, Shenandoah, Susquehanna, PA-Golden, NC-1 fit in. I was thinking about putting couple more saplings, but I want something that’s less precocious.


No fruit here yet, but my Shenandoah and Sunflower bloomed at the same time this year.


I’ve got one pawpaw that seems to bloom well, but never sets any fruit. This particular tree is by far the largest and fullest pawpaw in my yard. It is easily 20 feet tall and the trunk has a 4 inch diameter. I have 6 other pawpaws in the yard, most of which have a good amount of fruit set. The closest to the non-fruitful tree is approximately 8 feet away.

Its bizarre that this one particular tree just stubbornly refuses to set fruit (it bloomed heavily the past 3 years)



I spotted some pawpaws on Berea College campus…5 inches long and about 2 inch diameter and it’s at least six weeks before I would expect any ripe ones.


There’s a variety called Golden Moon that is from one of the trees at Berea College. The fruits from that tree supposedly turn yellow when fully ripe. Peaceful Heritage Nursery sells it.


The college owns a lot of property. (They used to even own the city utilities.) (They cut the heaviest-bearing, most delicious mulberry tree I knew of anywhere last winter.)
I doubt the trees I located heavy with fruit are the one you speak of, but I’ll have another look in a month or so.

Supposedly I have some of Al Horn’s white pawpaws….and some someone from Indiana sent me. Seeds, I mean, not scionwood of actual producing trees.

My pawpaw seeds I planted this year…in May…saw 2 for 3 of them starting to poke through the soil…some I collected, some from a swap, some from KSU, and many donated from Wolfe County upstream from Red River Gorge.


Both 2 new pawpaw trees today 7.28.19
One shenanadoah and one seedling.


There’s going to be a lot of fruit coming in a few years,Vincent.Ever try one yet?bb


Not yet. @Bradybb
They are on sale at Flower World. $30 —15 percent off each.
My trees will be planted at the other property.


$29.99 for pawpaws that size? What a steal? I paid that price for a 1.5 ft tall Shenandoah 4 years ago. This year, my tree is still not as tall as the ones in your pics. To me Shenandoah is slow growing when comparing to a Mango bought at the same time and twice as big.

A pawpaw lady in the western MA suggested Shenandoah for its milder taste that is easy for most people to like. I hope she is right,