Pawpaw Varieties


I came home from vacation today and saw that my efforts to hand pollinate my Potomac pawpaw paid off. Now there seems to be quite a few flowers that are forming what look like little clusters of fruitlets, maybe 10 or more. My tree is only 4 feet tall and obviously can’t support them all. Will some fall on their own or should I remove the majority of the clusters now? Maybe wait a few weeks longer?


I think your tree will take good care by itself . Just waiting do not do anything to the fruitlet yet.


I would let the fruits grow a little bigger and thin them down to one or two fruits per cluster then support the tree with a bamboo stick. I used the black electrical tape and wrapped around them a couple of times. Good job on hand pollinated them.


Last year my Sunflower fruited for the first time and I thought there were too many fruitlets. Week by week some fell off, and by the end of the summer only two were left. I’d at least wait a little while to thin.


Mine have some fruitlets now but not sure any of them will left at the end.


You will get to taste some pawpaws for sure.


For those of us in the natural range of the pawpaw.,
I believe the pawpaw peduncle bore, is likely responsible for thinning the fruit. Many years they thin too much.
I would not be in a big hurry to thin.
If you are outside the natural range this may not be a issue. .?


Hi there. I’m smack in the middle of pawpaw country! It grows wild where I go fishing, but I live in the suburbs and there are no pawpaws for miles. I hope this pest does not find my backyard.