Pawpaw Varieties


Yes they are pricey but save my time a lot .


$160 each. Tax included.


For pawpaw, I think it’s worth it. My 4 years old Shenandoah is only 3 ft tall, has flowered but no pollination partner. My Mango is 5 ft tall but has not flowered.

To me, you save at least 4 years.


I planted quite a few pawpaw seeds today. From several sources.

Last year, I planted in July, and they came up in September…
….still several survived.

I’ve yet to plant the 10 seeds from Kentucky State University.


I have a Shenandoah that has a few flowers and a Sunflower with one flower this year, no flowers on the KSU Atwood. All were planted in 2016. They get half a day of shade but I do plan to cut the hedge that shades them this year. Still, they’re pretty tall. KSU Atwood and Sunflower are close to 5 feet. The Shenandoah is the runt of the three.

I’ll try to hand pollinate when the flowers open up, but I’m not getting my hopes too high.


My Sunflower (grafted to Mango) has one flower but it will not open the same time as Shenandoah’s. Fortunately, a very kind member sent me pollen. I hope I can cross pollinate my Shenandoah this week.


Interesting, on mine the flowers I was looking at on both appear to be just about to open. I wasn’t counting another bud that looks like a flower bud right on the central leader of the Sunflower. That one is tiny and isn’t going to open up at the same time as the Shenandoah flowers that are coming in. Good luck, I hope you can try your Shenandoah this year.


Wow! I have never seen a pawpaw tree for sale at a nursery let alone the size of other fruit trees like a peach or apple. It took me 7 years to grow my seedling to that size. I have given up on grafted trees I think my climate and soil is too stressful and the grafts die. Anyways when you consider the time it takes to grow a tree it is well worth it to buy a larger tree like that, I know if I was given the chance with a larger healthier tree I would try again.


If the trees without flowers we might think they are some thing else not pawpaw. I bought them with a lot of flowers on it . Hopefully they will fruiting in a couple of years when their roots system getting stronger. I will keep updating here about them.


If they save you 5 years of growing, to get fruits, they are worth it. I would still watch for deer damage, they ate one of my tiny pawpaw trees. Our deer are blacktail deer, some different habits from white tail deer back east. I dont know if yours will fruit this year after stress of planting. If they were mine, I would pollinate them and let them bear a couple but only a couple. Those are awesome looking trees!


Any idea about who the grower is?Did the trees come with information labels?bb


I had Wells pawpaw last year already . The smallest one I take with the name tags Taytwo.
Below the picture of NC1 root ball .! And the Wells pawpaw still available for sell in Sky nursery. Some pictures of name tags which didn’t say where the trees come from or who was the growers, I think the nursery already changed their new labels on it and one orange label is original but not much information except the name of variety image|690x920


Yes . I tried hand pollinating some of their flowers this early morning. Now we would wait for a few weeks and let’s see what happen on the new trees . Hopefully they good enough to bear some fruits so I don’t have to travel to Southeast US to tasting pawpaw. It’s so interesting. Thank for advice Daniel.image|690x920


I will use Taytwo pollen to pollinate all others in later years. Taytwo leaf out quicker and it has longer flower stem comparing with others pawpaw. Below a couple first pictures from Taytwo and the others pawpaw flowers. And too soon to tell fruits forming , 1 week after hand pollinating.


Looking good there with a cluster of 4 pawpaws.


Was out mowing and Taylor planted in 2015 has these. KSU Atwood has one flower and is much bigger Susquehanna one flower and Potomac no flowers. Only Taylor had a lot of blooms.


they should have latturala fig but i believe only gallon size


Yes they do have one gallon size with the fruits on . The one I had finally leaf out slowly so don’t have to replace it .


I did a lot of hand pollination this year and got good fruit set on my Wabash and decent on Susquehanna but low on Mango.



I’d like to see this Sky Nursery. Don’t know if I could fit my family and my purchases in the car for the trip back though :slight_smile: