Pawpaw Varieties


Should fruit in 3 years if you are good to it.


One other thing to take into account on taste that can have a big difference is when the fruit is picked. I usually like them before they fall off and become overly soft. They don’t have as strong of a flavor picked early, a little more mild.


I think I can issue a final verdict on the transplanted paw paws (actually transplanted everything), both have leafed out again this year and appear healthy… so from here on out I am going to assume that if they die it wasn’t because of me moving them. They were set back relative to the ones I didn’t move of course but that won’t matter in another few years.


Transplant should not be a problem with Pawpaw isn’t it ?
Below my new very good size NC-1 ( 7ft+ )


Very nice size tree!


Those are gorgeous trees. Mine are horribly spindly things (though taller than yours and of greater girth). I’m jealous of your branching .



Paw Paws really don’t like to be transplanted. Going from a container into the ground should be alright, but despite my success I wouldn’t recommend moving them once they are in the ground. One of my two barely survived and I took very good care of it.

I have an NC-1 smaller than yours and it appears to have set fruit this year.


Yes . I knew that Mike that’s why most of the nurseries do not have the big one. I wonder why the one I bought is very big size and nurseries moved them from the ground to container it’s still ok. I am very careful try not to move them a lot.
Thank you so much Mike.


How can we recognize Pawpaw varieties if the nurseries give them wrong name label ?


Compare the shape, size, and the color inside of the fruit with the right one.


Thank you Tony. Last year I bought Wells but exactly the same with my tree with tag say NC1.
That one do not have any flowers this year.
This year I bought totally 4 trees. 1 Sunflower, 2 NC1 and 1 Taytwo . All them look almost alike.
I planted Taytwo near NC1 and Sunflower a little far away because information said its self fertile?


It’s so funny I just like to

stop by the nursery looking for Lattarula fig but go home and end up with 4 Pawpaw trees.


I wouldn’t be able to resist those either, nice trees!


Vincent, mine started the same size. I planted the oldest ones in Summer 2012. They started blooming in 2015 or 2016, but the first fruits were in 2017. I hand pollinate each year. My fruiting obes were Sunflower and NC1. We have similar climates.


Wow Vincent, your trees are as big as mine, which I planted in 2012! I wish you luck with them! I would plant them now if you have not already, and water carefully every week or two, all summer long.


Your areas maybe warmer than mine. Specially my house right on conversion zone, sometimes its colder and more snow than Seattle. Not much information online but I read your report last year and @ramv saw pawpaw performs well up North of Seattle that’s why I bought them and planted all already Daniel. Thank you so much for all information and hopefully your trees do well this year. Some info said Deer resistant with Pawpaw but they ate yours? Thank again Daniel.


I have very heavy deer pressure here.
I find pawpaw to be the most deer resistant fruit plants I have.
They do not eat the leaves, and won’t bother the fruit until dead ripe.
They do sometimes rub there antlers on the trunk.
They may rip the top out of a small tree just to try it.
But would spit it out and leave the rest alone.


Good news to me . Now at my house every thing be ok but at my other place 1.24 acres is a land of deers . They ate all others fruit trees and broke off some of them . Thank you so much for information Hillbillyhort .


They are all planted .


Those are some nice $ize tree$ :grinning: