Pawpaw Varieties

And so it begins… @FloridaFrugivoreFami @Vid @TrilobaTracker At box 5 already.


you are my hero


Hahah happy shipping! I think I will take a rain check this year but it’s awesome that you’re doing that.


When I said boxes, I meant picking boxes, not shipping. Though I did ship about 6 boxes last night.

FYI for all those thinking about putting pawpaws on a little cross country adventure:

Rules for shipping pawpaws:
Rule #1 - Overnight shipping
Rule #2 - Lasagna and individual loose packing with newspaper

To add to afore mentioned shipping pawpaw rules from this post:

New rule learned from this year:
Rule #3 for shipping pawpaws. Ship on Monday to Wednesday. Shipping on a Thursday means if there is a shipping delay, it doesn’t get delivered till Monday. There’s a service guarantee so if overnight is missed, shipping is free/refunded anyways, but nevertheless people generally do not like receiving stink bombs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Changing my taste rating of Shenandoah. I let one get real brown and ugly (“disgusting” as some friends call it) and man was it good.


I don’t understand you people. @IL847

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I gave a quarter of my one and only Wabash to a friend. He is a person with a refined taste. His comment about Wabash was it tasted “peachy”.


“wat” definition: Buddhist monastery.

Is that what you are talking about?

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Yes. They told me that @mamuang’s friend is crazy.

What are “they”?

The monastery.

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Probably can be said about most of the cultivars.
Probably better when fully ripe.

To me at least, that’s not ripe. That’s near spoiled, thereabouts, or a day from.

Ripe [to me] is free give when pull from peduncle or fall from tree. It’s still green, avocado firm, no mushy give, maybe yellow break, with definite aromatic scent (which I consider to be final indicator). Maybe one or two slight splotches of light-brown, but never ever the whole thing, and never ever brown-black.

@Vid @BlueBerry @Bradybb @tonyOmahaz5 @TrilobaTracker @TJ_westPA @SMC_zone6 Based on previous posts in this thread, I am pretty sure most of us don’t eat brown or at least not fully darkened pawpaws. Though they can weigh in themselves.

There are pawpaw grower association members that tell me a few [emphasis on that word, not all] of the old-timers will only eat pawpaws when they get fully brown. I think they are all crazy, or have stomachs lined with iron, cause it definitely does not agree well with me.


In my limited experience with Pawpaws,I’ve only eaten ones that were somewhat soft and had a floral scent.This choice was made,from watching videos and a little reading.Maybe,I’ll try a small amount of a brown one sometime.

Yeah, I don’t like them when they get fully brown. Even the cultivars that I’ve been eating taste bad to me when they get brown, including Shenandoah. They just get this bitter, burnt taste to them that is off-putting and will make me a bit nauseous when I look at pawpaws if I eat too much of any like that.

I can’t blame anyone for liking them like that though. I could see the appeal if they didn’t taste so bitter to me. But taste buds vary greatly from one person to the next. I think cilantro is repulsive, but I know I’m in the minority on that.

I agree with @hambone.
Shenandoah that way is similar to a “Gros Michel” banana put in a brown paper bag for 2 weeks until (brownish/black), yummy, yum yum, yummiest banana candy! :sunglasses:

Sounds similar to what anthracnose does to mangos.
Interesting to find out if that is due to the fungi or PolyPhenol Oxidase.
Either people’s taste is very different or environments are different.

Can I interest you in some dehydrated pawpaw?


Yes, I agree it could be due to environmental conditions as well. I’m not sure if age/health of the trees would have any impact but I’ve noticed my Alleghenys taste better this year than they did last year. Maybe Wabash as well.