Pawpaw Varieties



If you find a sucker then dig it up and take it home. It should be the same clone.



None there now, plnted some seeds, and planted some seedlings from Brady, and more seedlings grown from seed from Brady.
This tree is close to my actual cottage, and nobody takes them except a few of us gareners on the island. I can have as many as I want. It’s about a 100 yards from my cottage. I have been eating quite a few of them. Nice orange color inside. I didn’t take any photos.



That is remarkable. The tree is probably very old. I have rarely seen trees bigger than that. By outward appearance alone, the fruit looks as good as any.

The surrounding water probably moderates that spot’s microclimate.

I have seen pawpaws along the mountain streams here, but they never fruit cuz its still too cold in those spots when they’re trying to bloom.


How far apart are the two trees?It looks like there is no problem with pollination. Brady


They are close, about 8 feet away from each other (I’ll take a photo next time I go up). The second tree had some fruit. It is also a little smaller. Yes I want seed from this just to have some genetic diversity around from the seedlings you sent, which are now in ground at my cottage. I also had a few of the seeds sprout and were also transferred to in ground at my cottage. For me this is plenty and I don’t need more. I like the fruit, but not sure what to do with a lot of them?
I have heard talk of hand pollinating, low fruit counts, etc. These trees are left alone and pollination as you can see is good I don’t have any, but can collect seed. I’m going up one more time this year, and closing till spring. Pics from a few days ago, while working on my floor there. I can’t collect scion as I’m not there after November 12th. I’ll be back around April 10th.
Well I can but not the best time as the tree still is not dormant, it is heading that way.

Maybe? I have found it to be a very difficult climate. Humidity is always high. It is exposed to winds off the river, but it is the south side of the island. No northern winds are strong after going through the oaks and maples.
Most plants grow super slow there. I have a cherry tree about 8 years old, and my 4 year old here in the city is twice as big. Cornus mas seems to like it and my seedling dogwoods produced fruit for the first time. I thought it was good, tart but good flavor. We usually have no deer, but two have been living on the island and they took all the fruit, I only tasted one! They also stripped my currants, and gooseberries, even a twisted leaf willow I planted.
They left the wineberry alone!, Well sort of, they didn’t eat the leaves, but yes, took all the fruit.


Excellent point! Temperate climate paw paws are not the papaya of tropics. Another point I’d make…most people with Parkinson’s doesn’t even know what a PawPaw is!


I planted a native Missouri Pawpaw I picked up at the farmers market years ago without really knowing anything about pawpaw’s. When I discovered I needed at least two trees for them to cross pollinate I made an educated guess and bought a couple of varieties - one Sunflower and one Prolific.

All three trees took nearly five years before they really started to take off. At the three year mark I was sure I lost the Sunflower over winter because the trunk failed to green up that spring. I was on the verge of uprooting what I thought was a dead tree when two shoots appeared. I assumed they were probably root stock but let them grow anyway. Turns out they were above the graft line so I assumed the sunflower survived. By the time fall arrived the two shoots were the same size as the other trees and now the Sunflower is the tallest of the three.

It’s been seven years since I planted them and though they’re all about the same size I’ve yet to get a fruit off of the native Missouri pawpaw. True to it’s name, the Prolific is covered with fruit and the Sunflower produces pretty good too - not as much as the prolific, but bigger fruits.

The Prolific cultivar is probably the shortest of the three trees and it is literally covered with fruit every fall - it really lives up to its name.

I cannot really determine that much difference between the taste of the fruits to be honest, however, both are much better than the ones I used to pick up alongside the walking path not too far from my home (those have gotten pretty sparse these days now that words gotten out where to find pawpaws). The primary difference is the Sunflowers are not only bigger, but seem to have smaller seeds.

From the day they start falling until mid October or so I eat two or three daily - usually for breakfast. I’ve baked I don’t know how many loaves of pawpaw bread (from a modified banana bread recipe), baked pawpaw custard pies (which are delicious) and frozen several pounds of pawpaw. The only time I didn’t care for it was when I tried drying some - maybe i overheated it, but the flavor was really unpleasant.

And no, I’ve never had any kind of issues from eating pawpaw, other than making my mouth smile.


My new fruit tree " Wells Pawpaw "
Thank you so much Tony Tran give me ideas to plant Pawpaw fruit trees. Hopefully it doing well in Seattle’s areas.
Will get different varieties later to plant with.


FWIW, I have just planted my pawpaws and my list boiled down to:

  1. All Peterson varieties (though I happened to not get Rappahannock due to nursery mishap)
  2. Halvin
  3. Maria’s Joy

Many others sounded great, but these seemed to top almost everyone’s list. I’ll probably add to what I have over the years. I had hoped to make the pawpaw festival last year in NC, but it was cancelled. Tasting would have sealed the deal on which I like, but I’ve tasted several seedlings that I liked, so anything as an improvement over that will be welcome to me.


Today i got NC 1 pawpaws tree.( the only 1 with this size)


Woah! Those are some monster nursery trees for paw paw. What nursery are they from? They had to set you back a pretty penny!


I am lucky to bought a couple good size at Sky nursery Drew. $ 160 for each after tax.


I see fruiting buds on that NC-1

They look good. Did you plant and prune or just plant?




Too bad the Wells pawpaw did not have any flower buds to hand pollinate one from the other to get fruits this year.



Hi scot.
Info online said pawpaws trees not easy to survive after being transplanted or pot. Therefore I will keep them in containers in case not leaf out by this Summer. Then plant them as soon as their leaf come out nicely.


Wells looks strong and heathly . I can wait acouple years or more for them fruiting. Hopefully their leaf out soon Tony.


Would recommend planting now,
Don’t wait


Yes. Spring is a good time for pawpaws planting. Don’t you think keep in container easy to water them on the 1st year? If not I would inground them soon. Thank for your advice.


I think they need to be in the ground as soon as possible ,
at least before they push leaves.
No advantage of keeping in a pot.


Planting them now while in a dormant state is a good thing to do. Less stress in summer heat.