Pawpaw Varieties


Pawpaw has a tap root. I would want to get it out of the container so the tap root can grow down rather than circle the pot.


Great plants Vincent!



if you were a little closer, I’d get you pollen releasing flowers… Unfortunately you are south of me so it is likely your flowers will have already switched to male themselves before mine start shedding pollen…

I’ve been looking at the Tropical Treat variety myself…though I’ve wanted a Mango forever too…



Thank you for all advice. I will plant them very shortly.


Thank you Dax.


‘Mango’ is awesome. It was my favorite of the few trees still with fruit when I visited Jerry Lehman’s orchard last Fall.



They’re all planted . Wells has better root ball than NC1, nursery just repoted them from smaller container to bigger one. Both look like on their own roots. Will see how they doing in Spring .

Thank you all of you so much.


I just re-planted two paw paws this afternoon. Both had been in the ground two years so I wasn’t happy to dig them up and set back almost to square one but they weren’t in a good location and they were too close together.

I also dug up and moved a persimmon, a mulberry, and a pair of apple trees… all of those were only planted last year so still bad but less so. These trees I moved because we took out a pair of great big old trees and opened up more sun.


Sometimes sunflower can leave a slight bitter aftertaste in my experience but not always. I still really like it because it is the latest ripening of all the ones I have, it is very productive, and has generally large to very large fruit with few but large seed. I think what I like about sunflower the most though is its dense drier texture compared with most others. It ages fairly well because of this. I would not recommend it for processing because of the possible bitter aftertaste but for a fresh eating and late variety it is good. I have around 20 or so varieties planted and I will still be getting sunflower fruit when all others are gone for the season.


I would like to add for those interested in processing pawpaw that all 6 Peterson varieties as well as overleese, and NC-1 are the best in my opinion since they generally do not have bitter or strong aftertaste. KSU Atwood and certainly others could likely also be recommended. Cooking or processing many times amplifies bitterness and off flavors in my experience.


Updating my NC1 flowers getting bigger after 1 month of plating


NC1 Pawpaw in bloom in Seattle.


Want some Overleese pollen to cross pollinate with,Vincent?Brady


Maybe next year Brady. My Pawpaw just planting last month,It may not strong enough to do any fruiting for now. I am so happy it keep growing and bloom that meant maybe OK in Seattle. Thank you so much for offering Brady.


Do you have pollen for your Overleese Brady? If not come over I give you my NC1 Flowers. Vincent.
I do not need for this year but would like to see some of us in the areas to collect some fruits by the end of the season.20180504_172555


Yes,I’m trying some frozen Sunflower and NC-1 pollen collected from small trees a couple years ago.
Honestly,my Overleese is a little too young right now to fruit. It’s just an experiment.Thanks,Brady


If you need fresh pollen let me know i have about 20 NC1 flowers for this year, or some later years any time Brady.


Today I jus bought Sunflower pawpaw. Hopefully nursery label right. It looks exactlly my NC1 .


Below my NC1.


I have 2 different types paw paw and can’t tell the difference to save my life. Both are in nice shape though so I just hope they will produce sooner than later.