Pawpaw Varieties

Thank you! I probably will try to do so eventually. I found a wild grove recently so I think I’m going to attempt starting some from that and grafting later.

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“2nd: Richard Owens - variety Jerry’s Big Girl (275-39)”
Clifford England & a few others have occasionally listed JBG as 275-39, but “250-39” is what is correct.
Jerry’s trees where identified by location in feet.
“250-39” is the correct location of the original tree.

Having lived in Tacoma & having a sister in Seattle, I can tell that many plants ripen at a very different time there from that of other environments which get both hotter & colder.
Many species & varieties wake up at very different rates there, as well as ripen at different speeds.
Talk to Northwoods Nursery, as they would be the experts for your area!


Ordering some seeds from Mr England. Whats the best way to sprout these? I have a heating mat and will get a water tub type thing to help keep the humidity up as I’ve seen mentioned in an earlier post. What type of pot should I use for the seed itself?

If you can direct sow the seeds where you want the trees to grow then I’d go that route. Even if you have to provide some afternoon shade and extra watering. If you need to grow them in pots then just be sure to get something with adequate depth for the taproot. I use 4x14 tree pots but have had better growth with larger containers like a gallon bucket or for multiple trees ive used 50gal plastic barrels that I cut in half. I always drill a bunch of holes in the buckets & plastic barrels and dont use any mix that will stay waterlogged. They need to be watered well and seem to grow better in partial shade the first year or two. I avoid trying to get a early start on them like growing indoors. The most I’ve done is pull the bag of seeds out of the fridge a couple weeks before the last frost so that they are just sprouting and ready to be planted at the time the threat of frost is gone.