Pawpaw Varieties

Again FWIW, an update – my Allegheny and Tropical Treat, both planted in 2018, both seem to have tiny fruit this year for the first time.

Edit: Update a/o 6/11/24: Roughly 20 blossoms per tree were whittled down to 2-3 fruit clusters per tree. Then evidently these clusters dropped off. At this point I see no fruit on one tree and one cluster of 3 fruits on the other.

I assume it’s just a process of the trees maturing.


So I talked to Dale and he gave me a little info on “Dr. Chill”…

He said it’s large and tasty and that people love it (but that he has trouble describing flavors). Overleese is a parent…other unknown. Mid season ripening and rather upright tree. A little seedier than Peterson varieties, but worth growing.