Pawpaws 2024

Well folks, I thought I was done updating in this thread, but I was on a walk with DH today and he was lingering by one of the paw paws. I was ready to move on, so I said “We better get moving, there aren’t any pawpaws on there anyway.”, to which he replied “Yes there are, that’s what I’m looking at now.” Talk about being surprised, was I ever!


It’s amazing how much smaller our pawpaws are at this point (in a cool wet zone 9a).


Hooray!! Yeah they are sneaky like that!
Found some myself the other day.


Update on how this tree looks now since I grafted it a couple days after transplanting. Leaves were wilting and not too happy. Graft seems to be growing well.


Mine are big enough to start breaking limbs, they’ll be ripe before too much longer.


Oh no! Yeah that’s partly why I heavily thin mine, especially ones out on the ends of branches.
From the looks of your fruit you are just a little ahead of me, which makes sense in your location.

Is this from the overnight storm damage? I lost my only cluster of Sunflower last night. Pretty bummed.

Would you be interested in exchanging some pollen next year? I don’t know anyone else around me growing pawpaws and the Sunflower flowers way before all my others in SC.

i just planted 5 grafted paw paw trees this spring, and am excited to try them. i think the rootstocks are 2 years old, how long does it usually take for them to fruit?


4-6 years depending on vigor.


I’m always reminded of my climate when I venture into this thread. My first leaves are just reaching max size and the last flower petals just fell off my Tallahatchie. Any breeding efforts on my end definitely need to be centered around VE-21.


Yes I lost them in that storm. You are more than welcome to get pollen next year. Where are you located?

Looks like I might get some Pennsylvania Golden this year. How do they taste compared to Sunflower?


Looking forward to the new pawpaws from Blake…

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My 3 pawpaw seedlings… The one on the far right is definitely way more vigorous so far between the 3


Well, of the half-dozen or so pawpaws I ate last year, and few dozen seeds I started, two made it to seedlings that have so far survived. I’m not exactly sure why the germination rate was so low but my suspicion is I accidentally used hydrophobic soil mix (grabbed what turned out to be an old bag from the hardware store) and they dried out.

These I labeled “PPP” — “Potential Peterson Pawpaws?” — and the question mark is because they’re really open-pollinated mystery seedlings from Robson’s Farm in New Jersey that put together a bag of pawpaws from their many varied trees and left them hidden at their PYO for me since I was only driving through after hours. They were really great fruits to eat. Here’s what I I wrote last summer:

I hope that these guys make it. Right now they are in 14" tree pots on the back porch, where they receive some afternoon sun shaded intermittently by the railing. At some point I might transplant them to 5 gallon buckets while I wait to put them in the ground somewhere. One of them had a broken taproot so I don’t know if that dooms it longterm.

cc @weatherandtrees since I had DM’d you about this.


Best of luck. At first the afternoon sun comment had me concerned but those look like pretty happy lil fellers. :four_leaf_clover:

I think I’m down another seedling. it was nearly a foot tall and growing, I noticed some scuffle and digging around it and sure enough the next day it is all drooping leaves and brown. don’t know if that squirrel got at the roots or something else. but it was my Susquehanna and I’m upset. of all the seeds I sprouted now only two remain, one is 6 inches tall and sleepy and slow. the other still almost a foot tall.

I may need to find more already started to put in this fall.

I have about 20 seedlings and really don’t need that many. Let me know this winter. I got the seed from Michael Judson and don’t know the parentage, but will be improved varieties.


oh I’ll try a few, I like named varieties but grew up on random forest pawpaw and appreciate them just as much. I would most appreciate that. my patch for them is nice and damp, shaded up to about 6 feet, and I’ve room for 6 to 8 of them in a spot between a fence and a lilac bush.

only having two or three feels like wasted time and space!

I’ll try to message you in the right season to maybe get a few. definitely will pay shipping/costs!

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Unless I’m not seeing them,a cluster of four Maria’s Joy fruit,are my only Pawpaws this year.
There were some Overleese fruits,on which MJ is grafted,but they all seem to have fallen.Also,there were a few growing on a seedling Kentucky Champion,but were probably knocked off by wind or hail.
I’m glad and hope the present ones grow to maturity as it will be my first time trying the variety.

Maria’s Joy