Pawpaws in 2022

Sunflower, Mango and Wabash.

Is Shenandoah your favorite of those four?


Then you probably won’t care much for Susquehanna and Overleese. You should try Allegheny, Rappahannock, Taytoo, Maria’s Joy, off the top of my head… There are other Lehman ones I would recommend, but I need to go back to find my notebook records, cause I mix them up sometimes since I remember them by the number name.

You’d probably like the seedling I have here called Ohio 1. It’s a firmer version of Shenandoah.

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Was admiring your Overleese and then I read this. I hate the aftertaste. One of my named seedlings fruited this year. It had a weird alcohol like aftertaste. Nothing like the metal aftertaste I’m used to. Initial taste was pretty good though.

I could actually dig that. Pawpaw beer is decent.

You know the aftertaste you get from a shot of whisky. Kind of like that, but milder. Perfectly ripe (not fermented).

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You mean the smoky finish? O_o?

No, just the alcohol.

O_o Is this the first year it set fruit?

I’m intrigued, though I’m wondering couldn’t this just be a cause of a slightly fermented pawpaw.

First year fruiting. Maybe different next year. The fruit was perfectly ripe. I did not get a buzz. You never know though, you could be right. Maybe I should let them ripen further to see if the content increases. Who would not want a pawpaw tree you have to be over 21 to eat.

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If there wasn’t a copyright, I’d suggest calling it Captain Morgan.

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Thank you Peachy.

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I noticed mention of ‘Sunsprout’…among others from a grower or experimenter in Vermont, apparently.
Any genetic info or any fruit tastings on this gentleman’s ‘varieties’? (Buzz Ferver).

Seed saved and stratified, I usually plant at least a couple seeds per one gallon pot. May-July usually.

Usually I get at least one plant per pot that method. 60 to 80% the first season, and perhaps another 5% germinate the second year.
Dividing seedlings in summer works out OK for asimina triloba…better than dormant transplanting actually.

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