Pazazz review

While loading up on Honeycrisp, i noticed they had Pazazz at the apple place in La Crescent. Have wanted to try this so I was excited.

If you like Honeycrisp, you should enjoy this apple. Very similar…in texture/juiciness/flavor. I might give the edge to HC, but i’ve ate only one Pazazz. I know they are later ripening then HC and store very well. Maybe easier to grow…who knows. Have no idea on sugar levels.

After I eat a few more i’ll maybe have some more to add. I’ll see which ones my kids like better.

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I tried one of these today. Very similar to Honeycrisp (it’s a Honeycrisp seedling) but not as good.

Yeah… I haven’t bought any since this…i forgot to go back to the orchard place that sells them. I have seedlings of these apples although who knows if anything comes of them.

My local farm store had two bins of these…they are the size of softballs and some bigger. Really good apple that ive never seen for sale. These tasted better than honeycrisp thats sold in stores.

I avoid apples sold in stores.

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I was distracted by the marine land box. @warmwxrules, did you ever get your aquarium set up?