PC Damage. One week after Imidan

Attached is a photo of Raspberry Nectarines and one Spice Zee(upper right) fruitlets that I thinned today. One week after Imidan spray.

I don’t think the Spice Zee is from PC. But the others seem like arrested PC Damage.

I wonder what caused the damage to the Spice Zee.

If anyone thinks that it is non-PC damage please let know.



Can a PC injury really be that big? Mine get marked up all the time but not like that.

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Looks like bird pecks to me.


In the top picture, the injury on the lower left and possibly lower right look like PC damage. The others don’t look like it to me. My PC hits all have the characteristic crescent with a dot shape.


For the Star War fans…



Bottom left looks PC ish to me…maybe bottom right…top 2 left ones could be…other ones might be early feeding damage…hail damage? I think i had some very early hail here that marked up some fruits… nothing serious.

I haven’t noticed any new pc hits… this year was pretty good outside of the cots they got. ==which needed thinning anyways.

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