Pea plants - how low can they go?

Pea plants can handle 28 degrees Farenheit. My hydroponic ones are doing great outside this afternoon. Does anyone else have peas planned? I’m growing these for greens only. Never put them in the snow. These are on the south side of a building. They are very leggy, they grow very fast.


Been some years…but I recall pea vines in bloom being so stiff they’d snap like icicles if you bothered them. The sun came out, and they turned out to be OK. And had a normal crop later on.
But I don’t remember the thermometer reading at the time.


This is mine pea plants for the pea tips. I have a 4oz pack of pea seed sthat I bought before the Covid(bought in 2018ish). I wasn’t sure if they were still good so I soaked them and wrapped them in paper towel. Guess what, they all germinated! So I put them in a dish near window. They grew happily. I harvested the first grow, now they are soon ready for the second harvest



They look delicious!

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