Pea Thai Eggplant


I started reading about Pea Thai eggplants and it sounds interesting. Has anyone grown these? Google search says these will not fruit in colder zones the first year from seed and that you have to take cuttings and plant it to get fruit second year. Some places say it depends on the variety and some varieties will fruit for north/East US. What has been your experience?
I can totally see how there are different varieties that fruit in our area because that has been the case with Winged beans that I grew last year.


It has unique and somewhat bitter taste to it. It is an acquired taste. I love it in curry dishes, very traditional dished using this egg plant.

Since its use is quite limited so I have not been interested in growing it.

Winged bean has more pleasant taste and a lot of crunch to it. It is used in several dishes.


I like this recipe much better, Tippy, it sounds the same, maybe some day.