Peach and Cherry Rootstock

I have a cherry and a peach tree at my mothers home. They receive minimal care but do great up here in NY. The cherry is Montmorency and I’m unsure of the peach variety but they tast great. Leave always look healthy and so do the fruit. These were purchased from Lowe’s back in 2007. I’m interested in grafting scions from these trees next spring. I’m not sure what rootstock is recommended for semi dwarf trees of this size. The zone is be planting in is 4b. These trees are located in zone 5. What would you all recommend?


It depends on what size you want, I like small cherry trees so i can cover them so the gisela’s are amazing very cold hardy, drought tolerant and mine have anchored well in my clay. Your moms cherry is probably on malaheb and that would most likely be the one you want to do for montmorency although it may bloom slightly earlier than mazzard it takes snap frosts better.

Your moms peach tree is probably on lovell but i think members on here said guardian has been more cold hardy for them, but probably both would work for you. My peaches are on lovell but i am z5

Make sure the rootstocks you get like your soil and can handle standing in water if that is a thing for you.


Thank you!

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If i did a sweet cherry again i would keep them as low as humanely possible. Look up UFO…they almost grow them like grapevines. Anything to make covering them easier from birds.

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Where do you guys get your rootstocks from. I’ve gotten apple and pear from a Cummins, Fedco and Burnt Ridge in the past.

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I got my gisela from rain tree nursery. Not sure where your best place for peach rootstocks are, I was going to just plant some pits for the two rootstocks I need.