Peach and Nectarine trees from seed


I planted a few other peach/nectarine seedlings that I thought were goners after Irma came through…amazingly enough they survived even with all the trees that came down, some on top of them…on the plus side a lot more sunlight will find it’s way down to them…this one is doing really well.


Way to go on the peach seedlings.

I’ve found they are easy to grow here. I moved about 20 pop-up seedlings this fall from under trees to a “nursery” area. A fair percentage of peach seeds come up every year.

I also plant peach pits, in a row. I’d guess about 25% come up the next year. Not a good percentage for something like vegetable seeds, but still plenty of rootstocks.


Do you know what you get from the seed… I mean is it a match of the original peach/nectarine? Is this just a means to a rootstock?


I just use them for rootstocks. Once I moved about a dozen seedlings in the orchard area, intending to graft them. I never did get them grafted and so they grew out. I let a few of them fruit, and although the peaches weren’t as good as cultivated varieties, they were decent, and much better than anything the stores sell.

Peach seedlings don’t come true to parent because of gene shuffling in the fertilization process. Although I’ve been told peach seedlings more closely resemble the parent than apples. I don’t know if this is true, but I’ve seen that info. often repeated.

I could see where peach seedlings would be truer because they are pretty much self pollinating, and even if a flower is cross pollinated by another tree, that tree will have to be a peach (or a nect, which is a fuzzless peach - ignoring the fact that peaches can occasionally be cross pollinated by other stone fruits because it’s rare).

On the other hand apples can be cross pollinated by ornamental crabs, and frequently are. I can’t imagine this would produce a very edible fruit.

Here is a link with some basic info about peach/nect genes.


Not sure whether it will be a match…I kind of doubt it. This has been more of experiment than anything else. Based on the size of my biggest tree, I would expect if its going to produce fruit it would be next year.


I made some intentional crosses, I would like to do more, but no room! I like the trees I have, and I want some similar that ripen at different times. So cross breeding for ripening time. If I ever move and have more room, I would grow out a lot for rootstock.


I planted about 50 or more peach/nectarine seeds and many cherry seeds as well as a few plum seeds last week after storing them in the fridge of about 45 days… thinking the fridge time as well as the winter weather coming should make them right for this coming spring. Thanks for the feedback @jeremymillrood and @Olpea

Will take a read of the TEAM UP NORTH peach information as well… :grinning: