Peach blossom question and loss of trees

My final loss of total trees is 7 (these trees were all about 5 feet tall, beautifully branched and I’ve pruned them all down to one foot about the graft union. They are sprouting large healthy leaves. Oh brother!

Now on to my peach blossom question. My largest peaches are born from the smallest pink blossoms. The larger peach blossoms have medium (at best smaller fruit). I think the ratio is quite odd. My peach crop will be large this year. My Elberta is almost 13 feet tall at this point and I cannot train it to be shorter. I could not prune this past february. All of the tall lanky branches are covered with blossoms. I hate to cut them in half. Mrs. G

Hi Mrs. G,

I’m not quite understanding your peach blossom situation. Based on my observations, on any given tree the blossoms are all the same size and color. Different peach trees will have different sized blossoms (showy vs. non-showy) and sometimes a different color (lavender, pink, or white) but the blossoms are all the same on a particular tree, unless the tree has several different peach varieties grafted to it.

Even though different peach varieties produce different sized blooms, this has nothing to do with peach size. Some non-showy peach blooms will produce very large fruit and vice versa. Coralstar produces a non-showy bloom and the fruit is very large. Autumnstar produces a showy bloom, but that fruit is also very large. Blazingstar produces a non-showy bloom and the fruit is naturally small, whereas the tree I have labeled as Baby Crawford produces a showy bloom (as I recall) and the fruit is also small.

Olpea, you answered my question. I was talking about separate varieties. Most of my blossoms on my peach trees are small. The photo you have used next to your name looks exactly like a ‘showy’ peach blossom from a seedling tree that I have. Still do not know the name. I will be surprised this year by some of the newer peaches in my orchard this year. I cannot wait to see my Shui Mi Tao, which has very small pink blossoms. It is supposedly a good sized peach.
Thanks Olpea, sorry my question wasn’t clear. Mrs. G