Peach Cobbler

For all you bakers: one of my old commercial streusel recipes cut down. You’ll need a fairly good-sized round bottomed mixing bowl. It helps if you have a spot in the fridge you can slide it into if needed.

Take a pound of barely malleable salted butter and a pound of sugar (granulated or brown) and barely rub together with your hands just until most of the sugar is taken up. If butter starts to soften too much pop it back into the fridge for a few minutes.

Take two pounds of all-purpose flour and dump it on top. This is a good time to add cinnamon or other spice or to grate lemon or such into it.

Rub the flour in quickly and vigorously until it’s all crumbly. You might need the fridge again. If you rub too long it’ll turn to paste - if you need to you can add a little more flour, but try to avoid it. (I suppose you could add a couple of beaten eggs to the paste and a bit of soda and make cookies!)

Use to top pies, cobblers, coffee cakes, whatever. Keeps well in the fridge and can be frozen, of course. It can be used as a crust if you smash it down (scatter in a lined cookie sheet and pat or pin down, top with fruit filling, etc., use in greased cupcake tins,)


I will try it!!! Looks fabulous!

Please let us know how it comes out. I like mine a lot.

I do not like icing (never like added sugar like that) so I told the baker not to put icing on the whole thing, only on his since he likes it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: