Peach damage, now what?

I had some clear ooze earlier and never found worms. Now as i survey, a number of peaches seem to have dark holes. I cant tell if these correspond with previous clear ooze or not, i lean slightly to not. Im concerned at the depth of these and also that they are an entry for other stuff. Ive got a growing number of peaches with them so im hesitant to thin them because that will be a lot of my crop. Ideas?

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Pick the one you feel is most likely to have a worm in it, cut it open, and see if you can find something. I don’t know any other way to figure it out.

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That is peaches for you… it seems that everything is out to get them…

By far my most difficult fruit to get (in good eating shape)… but I do not spray pesticides or fungicides.

I absolutely love them, they are so good, but also so disappointing in so many ways… late frost get mine about half the time and when they do make it thru that, OFM get the majority, and I get very few. 10% tops (in a good year).

My second tree is ripening fruit now, and I will be lucky to get 5% off it.

I hope you do get some good ones.

When mine are still green and I see damage like that, I normally toss them. If you have already thinned heavily, you may not want to do that.

Good Luck !


On your last picture there are some sharp V-shaped cuts. That tells me ‘bird’. The mockingbirds nail about 10% of my peaches.

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