Peach, did I beet the OFM?

The last two years, all my peaches were hit by OFM when they were small green peaches. This year due to the Covid-19, I have very diligent about spraying every 10 to 14 days. The mix has been Triaizide and Captan.

This year I have not seen one oozing peach, nor one branch flagged. A week ago I switched it up and used Surround WP with Spinasad. It was my fist time to use Surround WP and it was very easy/no clogs with my 2 gal sprayer.

My Red Havens are a little bit bigger than a golf ball, and have been close to that size for what seams like forever. Hoping pit hardening is soon to be over.

Is it possible I actually knocked out the OFM? As in no more generations, or am I fooling myself? I might have two more sprays before they are ready to harvest.
Should I resume the Captan? Will the Spinasad keep a late hit of OFM away?

You are doing good so far, but following generations of OFM will still come. I have seen flagged shoots as late as early September, here in Delaware.