Peach experts needed! Absolute minimum spray schedule for a peach tree? Best variety for this?

I’m contemplating next year. For the third year in a row, I can’t get past wanting a peach tree. The problem is, I grow nothing that MUST to be sprayed for good fruit. Peaches seem to be one that takes just that for fresh fruit that doesn’t have a worm or 3. So my question is what is the absolute minimum spray schedule for a healthy peach tree and peaches? What improved variety would be best for this situation in zone 8a(East of Dallas, Texas) where disease/pest resistance is paramount?


Still looking for input if anyone is able.

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For me living in Central Virginia.

  1. Copper fungicide (Kocide ) sprayed in Fall around Dec 1, once leaves are gone or almost gone to stop peach leaf curl.

  2. Copper fungicide (Kocide ) sprayed around February 1, to stop peach leaf curl, while tree is dormant.

  3. Use Indar at Red Bud Stage .

  4. Use Indar at full blossom Stage.

  5. Use Indar at Petal fall. First application of Permethrin if you have Plum Curcilio.

  6. Use Indar at shuck split. Next application of Permethrin.

  7. Two more applications of Indar 10 to 14 days apart after shuck split with Permethrin added.

  8. You may need additional sprays of Permethrin for Plum Curcilio depending on PC life cycle in your area (assuming you have them)

I do not do any additional sprays. What my sprays do not fully protect against - Japanese beetles, bees that damage ripe fruit, bacterial spot on peaches susceptible to spot (I get very little even on susceptible varieties). I get some damage from stick bugs. I have enough trees that if I lose some peaches to bee damage, Japaneses beetles, stink bugs it is okay - I prefer that to late spraying. If I had low fruit set I would be more aggressive with my spraying. I do use Regalia w/Indar but I am unsure of its effectiveness. I also use a sticker. Indar is sold in containers that are meant for commercial growers at a high price - sometimes people will sell smaller quantities in the forum. If you can’t get Indar use Immunox. Captan can also be used. Note - sprays schedules need to be highly customized to your area - you probably have different diseases and pests than the mid-Atlantic area. This is what works for me - and I have limited experience compared to many other folks on this board.


After checking this link of Texas A & M on peaches, I think you will need to spray as much as growers in the east.

While you don’t have OFM, you have San Jose scales. You should look around and see if there are peach trees or peach orchards in your neighborhood or county. If not, it should tell you something.

You will have to weigh the work vs reward in getting home grown peaches. The varieties recommended are in the link.