Peach graft take?

Maybe? Only one scion out of 15 doing this so far, but it has only been one week as of today.

image image

Same piece, two angles.


One thing more experienced grafters here keep telling me is not call it a success too early. But hey that doesn’t stop me from celebrating a bud break like that! I think that looks promising. Congrats!


Oh, I know. Last year on peach grafts, I didn’t even have a single bud break, and had 0% takes. So any improvement is good.

Looks like you got this one!

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There are about four others that look like the buds are swelling under the parafilm, but haven’t broken yet.

Unfortunately, after tomorrow it’s supposed to be dismally chilly this week. I don’t think it’ll hurt them, but they probably won’t grow much, either.

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When do u know the graft is taken?

What do u think about this peach Benedicte on plum Wangenheim rootstock:



Looks like it. Just resist the urge to peak under the hood for at least a few weeks!

Take the bud below the graft union off. You want all energy to go to the scionwood growing. Get rid of the competition.


I remove the tape of the rootstock Wangenheim and peach Benedicte

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