Peach Grafting 2020

Another year, another attempt at grafting peach. This year, I’m trying something different. I have a bunch of small Numaguard I grew from pits last year in 5 gal buckets and overwintered. I benchgrafted them then set them in a bag under a 100 w heat lamp that warms to about 80f. So far, it looks good. I may start another batch. I will pot them up if they take. What’s your plan for Peach grafting this year?


I planted a lot of seedlings in autumn. My plan was to graft them this spring. I had to change planes cause winter was so warm my peach trees woke up so early I did not manage to collect good scionwood. Because of that I skipped spring grafting for peaches. I will now try summer grafting. Its ok because I only plan to propagate varieties I already have growing. Next year I will do spring grafting new varieties.

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I have some Krymsk-1 cuttings I am trying to root. If any succeed, I will attempt peach grafts this Summer. I have a Prunus americana and a Prunus angustifolia I can graft on to if none of the K-1 cuttings root. I am testing Nanaimo and Frost peaches. I want a curl resistant peach that ripens in the Puget area, and is compatible with Krymsk-1.
Last Summer I grafted Nanaimo in mid-August with green wood from fruitwoodnursery. Two cleft grafts on Prunus americana, and a t-bud on Mustang. All three took, but the best of the P. americana grafts was crushed by an Amazon package delivery weakling.
I don’t know whether the peach variety, plum rootstock, or Summer wood contributed to the success.


Although my established trees are in bloom, I still see no temperature window in the forecast to do any field grafting in peaches. Way too cool.

Which is fine, except my scionwood is getting impatient. Showing a little bud swell even in the fridge.

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