Peach grafting question

I’ve got a couple of peach/nectarines that I started from seed. Unfortunately, the parent was of unknown origin. Going into this year I’m thinking they were probably not warm weather varieties.The one is leafing a bit and the other nothing at all…

Overall the trees are healthy…would it be possible to graft a warm weather peach or nectarine variety to these and have it work?


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I really don’t know? It makes sense as the sap will be flowing on the low chill types, so i would think it would work. Try it, let us know next year!

Nothing to lose right?? Now I just need some scion wood…

No, a discussion somewhere here about this subject of scion to rootstock influence. Appears so in some cases, although the subject is pretty much unknown.
I was thinking that if rootstock is low chill, it might wake up the scion, vice versa? Worth a try. I did some overwintering experiments this year and all worked! So one never knows.

I don’t know for sure either, but some peach rootstocks are listed as low chill, so I would imagine the chilling requirements of a rootstock might make a difference. Peach seeds certainly have chilling requirements.

Sounds like you are on to a good experiment.

That said they use Halford rootstock in TX and Halford doesn’t have a low chill requirement (800 hrs), so I think your plan will work.

thanks @Olpea. that is good to know.

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If any one has some peach scion they’d be willing to sacrifice for experimental purposes let me know…