Peach grafting weather?


My peaches are at this stage:


Scions keep well bg, and unless you anticipate jumping directly into 80s/90s it is generally easier to graft too early than too late, particularly w peaches


So I’m better waiting a bit than not?


Looking at your weather, i would personally


Jumping directly to 80s and 90s is not out of the question around here, for what it’s worth.


Well on one hand your problem is an inability to callous at all, on the other hand is the possibility it might get too warm… From that I would probably still wet myself because something that refuses to knit is just going to sit there until it dies


Does a lack of humidity make you need to graft in possibly colder weather? We kind of get the options of 70 days and 30 nights and then it jumps to 80 to 90 degree days and 40 degree nights which of those options are better for peaches?


I think you are not too far from me, looks like just a few days ahead. While it may jump into 80s or 90s for a bit its not going to be there for a long stretch … yet. So no worries, keep waiting. Next weekend it could be getting closer.


Exactly like mine here in Delaware… Where are you located?


Howard County, MD. SW of Baltimore, about 20 miles N of DC.


If I had to venture to guess, I would think it’s the daily average temperature that matters most.


Scions are tight-bud, fully dormant. They are in a ziplock with a barely-moist paper towel in a part of the fridge that hovers right around 32°.


I just did pears and a peach this past week. Low temp of 28 tonight. Yikes!


Yes pretty darn cold. I have a few things covered. My pears look like they could be grafted this Wednesday after this cold spell. Apples are close too. I will probably hold off on peach for a bit


Peaches in full bloom now. Is it time?



Looks a little cool to me


I will graft on Sat.


The Saturday to Tuesday stretch looks ok.


I assume that since that says Clarkesville but you’re located Tennessee. I think the real challenge with grafting peaches in my part of the Midwest is waiting for temperatures to be warm enough but not too hot. Last year it was a cool spring and then suddenly turned out really warm making it very tricky to pick the correct window of temperatures. I waited for warm temperatures and really they were too hot I got 50% takes on my peach grafts. I would like to see highs in the mid 70s for several days consecutively before I will graft peaches this year and except the fact that half may not take.