Peach grafting weather?


Bob Purvis shipped my scions. They should arrive tomorrow. For the peach and apricot, is this forecast OK, or should I stick them in the fridge to wait for a longer warm spell?

The rootstock trees have begun to break dormancy and have some bud swell.


Pretty exciting Bryan. Hope he ships mine soon as well! Your temps look pretty good to me (but I am an amateur). Anything beginning to leaf out?


Apples should be fine - but peach (and apricot as well) are picky about temps during callousing.


Peaches have tight pink buds.


Did you see this one?


Seems like that 60 to 70 degree range is pretty good?


“Production of callus tissue does not occur below 32F.” Don’t graft if your night time temperatures are below 32. Grafting them on Thursday may work, it’s sunny, so the temperature on the graft may heat up above 61, which is good. The cloudy next couple of days will keep the temperatures in a good spot, above 64. @scottfsmith has grafted more peach than I and could tell you his opinion. If your scion looks pretty dormant, I would wait and see what next week brings and let your rootstock wake up a little more.


If you just have bud swell its too early. Wait til you have at least 1/2" of leaf showing and then start looking for a window of either sunny weather with highs in the 60s-70s or cloudy weather with highs in 70s-80s. Usually the first such window to show up is the best one, so watch carefully.


Thursday is bad though - work 9:30-7. Wednesday pm is better for me. Will the freezing actually hurt them?


I think you are definitely too early. You want warmer temps and leaves should be “the size of a squirrel’s ear” from everything I read. Of course, I’ve been doing peach grafts for years and have terrible success rates-they are the hardest for me. Good luck.


Will the scions keep in the fridge for a couple weeks?


Absolutely. I’ve had some since January in my fridge. Of course yours will warm up during transit but people here receive and re-refrigerate them all the time. should be fine.

Not sure how Bob sends them out but you may want to re-wrap in damp newspaper and put in plastic bags if they aren’t already packaged in a similar way.


If the scionwood looks dormant, it should keep for several weeks. Keep it wrapped inside a sealed plastic bag with a moist towel. You’re better off waiting for more ideal conditions. I don’t know how much sionwood you received but if you can, graft when the weather looks right using a piece with 2-3 buds on it. If it doesn’t work out, you may have some left over you could retry with on another good weather day, just keep it in the refrigerator, sealed and away from food.


Looks like steady 60s most of next week.


A lot of people have reported success when their peach trees are in bloom. In zone 6, I have to wait for a little bit after the shuck splits before weather starts falling into line for me. It’s hell waiting this long for me but 70’s really work much better.


At this point, I’m not sure when the window will be. I’m concerned it will go from cloudy and a little too cool, to immediately too hot with nothing in between.


I’d do some next Thursday.


My peaches are not at pink yet so I’m not looking at the temps. I will start on pears and apples this weekend.


We are having a cold spell here, I think it will be next week before I do pears , then apples, then a plum then peaches


I did some mulberry, plums, apricot cleft grafts last week. The temperarture goes from 70s to 44 today. I will graft again next Tuesday.