Peach grafting weather?


Thanks Mamuang!

Plums are well past blooming stage. Peaches just finished.


scion has flower buds.


Really bad peach grafting results this year. Of 5 grafts 4 are confirmed failures and 1 is likely on its way out. I think I need to be better about wrapping the entire scion in parafilm the next time and add a paper bag / foil as others mentioned.


I think it was a rough year where we are, the temps were cycling too much. I would definitely wrap the whole scion, also use a longer cut as @Ahmad is doing, and bagging could also help.

Right now several peaches that I did over two weeks ago are starting to push, this recent heat came just in time. Once the graft is calloused a bit it becomes important to have the heat to keep things rolling, cold can stall the graft and it may not pick up again. In the end it looks like all my varieties but one (which had already-budding scions) have a take somewhere, that’s 7/8. But I did many extra grafts to get to that ratio.


For me the interesting observation with cot grafting this year (which I haven’t been very lucky with, especially compared to last year when I had 100% success with cots) is that mostly, for a given variety I either had all takes or all fails! This makes me think that I did some systemic error that was tolerated by some varieties more than others (failures: 3 Shalah, 2 Moniqui, 2 Ilona, 1 Robada, 1 L Mashad. Successes: 2 Early Blush, 2 Mirsunjeli Late, 2 L Mashad, 2 Moorpark, 1 Hargrand). The ones that took are growing very well now. My biggest suspicion is removing the brown bags too soon at bud swell rather than definite green growth.


That’s happened to me before with other species of fruit as well. I figure it was the difference in scion quality.


In my case, all the scions were of excellent quality, so I discounted this as a potential culprit.


My one apricot graft was going great and was at about 1/2" growth and then the cold hit and it stalled and never got going again. If I had a bag on it that might have pushed it over the top.

I tried a re-graft on the same trunk with a 3" long scion wedge on my bark graft, will see how it does.


Same happened to one of my “successful” nectarine grafts…


I put some chip buds on some potted peach seedlings about two weeks ago.leaving the tops in place.
3 days ago I broke the tops over.
Today the buds pushed out of the parafilm.
Plane to cut back to buds in a week


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With the weather like you have, can’t blame the weather if your grafts did not take :smile:


I had a big rootstock growing at mom and dads, probably 7 feet tall that I grafted on April 20th early in the morning. It was cold and windy but several days of warm weather were on the way, I put five grafts on it and they appear to all be pushing growth. It will be a redskin/Madison peach tree now.

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Here’s my poor Allred plum with a whole bunch of pluot varieties grafted on. I did some splice grafts on long whips to pull down later in the summer and hopefully end up with a full tree by next spring, and then chips and clefts and splices closer to the main branches. I think it will look cool to have contrasting sections of foliage.


I’ve waited for peach grafting this year. It’s like Waiting For Godot, it never arrives.

On 4/24, with high 60 and low 40, I grafted a Winblo, a Florilege apricot, just to push my luck. These scion have been through many rainy and cold days these past two weeks.

Now, I saw some leaves pushing through parafilm. If these grafts survive, it could change my mind about what temp to graft peach.


I grafted the last few peaches today. I had two big rootstocks around 7 feet tall , if the graft takes it should really push growth. I am very pleased with my peach grafts this year, ten out of twelve grafts are showing growth so far.


Had one really big scion and a nice rootstock, this is the biggest peach scion I have ever grafted . It will be interesting to see if it takes.


This year has given me the opposite feeling, my early grafts were in a period where there were short warm spells but followed by long cool spells (60F and lower). I didn’t do super well and almost a month later re-grafted several things. The re-grafts are all doing really well and I wished I had not wasted nearly all my peach scions on the early cold weather. One advantage this year in the later weather is it rarely got above 80, so it was not frying the grafts. It’s hard to predict if that’s the case but I am going to save up more wood for a 2-3 week later window.


This past Mon, 5/6, was the beginning of a long stretch of consistent weather with high around 62-64 and low 40-50 for 8 consecutive days. I did 17 peach grafts.

When I grafted on 4/24, the temp was also consistent cool (high 50’s, low 35-45) for almost two weeks after that day.

If my 2nd batch grafting this week works, I’ll say consistent temp is a contributing factor. We have had no temperature swing while you did.
I need to wait two weeks to find out.


My peach grafts did so well this year! My temps were high 70s, low to mid 80s. I shaded them from the sun at the beginning because the SW side of the orchard gets really strong afternoon sun.