Peach ID help

I’m at my parents for a few weeks and came at the right time for some of their early peaches to be on. I asked my dad the variety, but he’s not sure because a friend dropped it off years ago. Hoping cyber friends can help narrow down the list.

The fruit is a white freestone peach
Growing zone is 6b Utah
Peach size is medium
Very sweet (my mom says the sweetest variety they grow)
Majority of the peaches have already ripened in the 2nd week of August. As a comparison the red haven is close, but still needs a week or two and the early Alberta is still green.

As a comparison the red haven in the same yard are close, but still not totally ripe yet.

(white unknown peach next to an extremely large, but not quite ripe red haven)

(early Alberta)

Appreciate any guesses.