Peach Issue

One of my peach trees isn’t leafing out at the ends of the branches. The leaves on it are also small and underdeveloped. I’m just wondering if this is just the result of stress, or if I have a bigger issue. The tree was somewhat drought stressed last year, and then I moved it into a planter in another portion of the yard during the dormant season. You can see some pictures of my other trees for an idea of how leafed out everything else is. Also, a mandatory picture of my garden helper (pictured with “Beauty of Moscow” lilac).

I bet from stress, Ryan. I had a few trees that did that last season, when I realized I had a huge leak in my drip system to my orchard, and all trees ended up with far less water than planned. Your orchard is very lovely, but I especially like your helper. She’s a cutie patootie.

Pretty normal for me Tylt. The ends of the peach shoots don’t seem to harden off (at least that’s my theory). Generally the very end has leaf buds that grow. This leaves about an 8’ portion of the shoot that looses all the leaf and flower buds. Most of the time I trim this part off.

Oplea, I assume you meant to say 8" as opposed to 8’. Small change, but big difference :wink:


Yes 8’ would encompass the whole tree in my case. My mistake.