Peach leaves turning red, no holes or curling

Hello everyone. Thanks in advance… I have two peach trees from Starkbros that have leaves turning red - doesn’t look like leaf curl. They were the 'EZ Start" . It looks like a deficiency to me. But I can’t find these symptoms when search for it via google. I planted 4 or 5 other bare root peach trees and none have this symptom.

Oh, I’ve seen the article with the 5 reasons why leaves turning red,not super helpful.

UPDATE: I started googling these symptoms with specific deficiencies and found a reference for PHOSPHORUS deficiency. Is that it ??


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folks: i mixed up about 1/4 cup of 10-10-10 fertilizer, dissolved it in water (about 5 gallons) and watered both these trees with it. The smaller tree has NO reddish leaves; the larger one has far fewer !
(I know not many replied to this, but this solution will be on this site for years to come…surely someone else will run into this)