Peach not flowering, help please?

I have a Newhaven peach tree. It was a potted tree that I planted two years ago. Last year it was its first blooming season and it got plenty of leaves and new growth. The tree this year looks healthy and is getting plenty of small new leaves all over it. However, unlike the rest of the peach and other fruit trees in my backyard, this tree has not produced one flower yet, just leaves are starting to sprout.

I can’t find a lot of information on this type of peach tree online. My question I have is, does this type of tree, or are there other peach trees that will leave out before flowering? If not I can’t understand why in this tree has not had one flower yet when the leaves are all starting to grow. Any help at all would be great. I live in Simi Valley California, zone: 9B.

Thank you in advance, Mark.

New Haven takes 950 chill hours. Do you get that many chill hours where you live?

That is what I think, too, a lack of sufficient chill hours.

Don’t think you will have enough of them in a 9b zone.

This will make a excellent grafting base for a franken peach multi graft tree.

Sadly in SoCal you are limited to only growing like 75% of the most amazing fruit in the world and you guys also get assaulted by plumerias all the time. You do need to check out chill hours and get a chill hour map for your location before figuring out what to graft next. There are great local groups and lots of socal people on here that will lead you in the right direction. I am clearly jealous of your weather if you get that ocean breeze.