Peach Party

We had our first Peach Party on Saturday. Partied with Red Haven.

Planning for a bigger party for July 4 with Red Haven, Fire Prince and a few Winblo.

Raised prices slightly this year to round numbers like $10, $15 and $30 which seems to be working.


Nice looking produces

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So how many peaches does it take for $2k?

Here is a picture of the other side of the farmstand on party day:


What great photos. And what a beautiful “farmstand”!!! Is your sales “store” in the basement of your home or a stand alone building or what? So beautiful. Also, what kind of apples do you have that are already coming in?


We built the 20X24 foot building the the mid 80’s and remodeled it a few years ago.

Those are Pristine apples in the picture. Unfortunately, its not a popular item so we will remove the trees.
We learned he hard way that few folks are interested in cooking apples. Fortunately, they love good peaches!


Not surprising that most people don’t cook apples…but I sure do. And those fried apples at Cracker Barrel are my favorite side dish… I’d love to see the outside of your building! You may have posted it before and I missed it. I was also curious about your question of how many peaches it takes to get $2k? Is that how much you spent on orchard costs or equipment or something this year?

Hi Cityman

Thank you for the complements!

I love fried apples too.

The retail value of the peaches in both of the pictures is almost $2K. About 800 pounds

It took about 5 hours to pick them, 5 hours to grade and bag them and 5 hours to sell them.

When we remodeled the farm stand we decorated it with some antique stuff we collected over the years. My favorite collectible is a handmade apple barrel from the 20’s on the porch. Don’t think a single customer understands that apples were packed in barrels before they were packed on boxes.

Here is a picture of the outside of the building. Storage and packing materials are on the secoDSC_0742 nd floor and the walk in cooler is on the right hand side


Holy cow that is beautiful. The building, the background, the well manicured flower garden, etc. That looks like a post card.