Peach Pie donut peaches

Sure look like TangOs…haven’t tried one yet. Sam’s Club has them. Some still had some green, but these were about the ripest I could find. $2.98 for a pack which probably isn’t bad.

Hey…they even have “heirloom” flavor!

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My Tangos aren’t very good. But will probably be better once the trees get better established.

Fruitnut, are you sure they are truly ripe? First year my first tree bore, the fruit was very good. Of course, it was bred in New Jersey.

Second year I let the tree ripen too much fruit and learned to treat them like much larger peaches- 8-10" between fruit. That seems to work well but it takes about 10 years to get a valid evaluation, IMO.

Everyone I’ve given samples to want a tree. I call it the Mango peach which people relate to much more than Tang0’s. It has no Mango flavor but the flesh is very orange. Probably has a lot of Vitamin A for a peach.

First yr for fruit on a 2nd leaf tree. So I’m not taking much from that. They are soft almost like a melting flesh peach. Orange/yellow color.

I’m seeing the same product here in our local Wegmans. Didn’t try them cuz I’ve not been impressed with donut peaches in the past (they had a texture disagreeable to me).

Fairway was selling some, what looked like Saturns for 3.99/LB. I passed. did pick up some fuzzy apricots with the sticker, no idea on the variety. I miss shopping at Wegmans, I wish one or two would come to the City.

I ate one. It wasn’t half bad. It did have that rubbery texture to it but there was some flavor…if its not TangOs its a very close relative. Mine off my tree are better no doubt but these aren’t too bad. At least they aren’t mushy (yuck…nothing worse then buying stonefruit and its mush–straight to the garbage).

My Sam’s had Black Velvet plumcots or whatever they are.

No Wegmans or Costco here (i love Costco—but its 70 miles away). I bought what i believe were Galaxy donut peaches at WalMart a few days back and i think 4 big ones were over $6 and to be honest…give me a store bought nectarine…they were not that sweet and the texture was pretty bad on a couple of them…i’ve been pretty happy with the nectarines I’ve bought this year.

My Saturn donuts and my TangOs…at least last year were excellent. I don’t have many Saturns this year…maybe a half dozen…i planted the tree in the ground a few months back and i think that might have upset the tree a little…its growing great now… TangOS is pretty loaded…

FN, the trees in your greenhouse are so different from the trees I grow outside here. This year we’ve had frequent rain, but also plenty of sun and peaches are just going off. I keep pruning off the thickest shoots to keep the trees open enough for the fruit and TangO’s has the rankest growth habit of any, with thin shoots sprouting out everywhere.

I doubt my evaluations are reliably relevant for your conditions.

Scott and Olpea say you need to wait to thin this peach but I thin them just as early as any other peach (starting a week or two after pedal fall) and the ones remaining stick and grow without fail. I have been back twice to finish the job and keep finding clusters I missed. Every fruit seems to fill out on a thinned tree. Early thinning is always conducive to higher brix peaches from what I’ve read. It isn’t just about size.

To those of you who want to evaluate this peach from ones you buy packaged at a big box, it really isn’t likely to work. They need to fully ripen on the tree or the texture will be rubbery.

Alan, how do you thin 1-2 week after pedal fall?
I have been thinking about the possibility of thinning earlier. My peach trees have heavy fruit setting this year, it took me forever to thin them. I was wondering whether I can thin earlier, maybe even thin out some flowers because I could tell early on I had lot more flower than previous years.

Flower thinning makes most sense in areas with no threat of late hard frosts which isn’t probably philly. A week after apple petal fall is what I should have said, actually. Peaches finish a few days earlier, so maybe around 10 days after petal fall the peaches are distinctive enough to start removing them. I usually leave about twice as many peaches as I will finish with when I’ve completed the first thinning…

I am still eating my Galaxy white peento peaches. They are keeping well in the refrigerator, actually pretty shocked since they must have some crazy high brix. They are delectable. I’ll snap a pix of them when I have a chance. Their texture is superb. I love that you can just push the pit out and eat the whole thing. They were pretty big this year, and the tree sets very heavily, which I find rather interesting, as DWN says they are 500-600 ch. That cannot be even close, I am guessing more like 200-300 ch. Nice flat peach for me here on the west coast.

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I’m going to add galaxy next year.

Black Velvet apricots are 50% plum, 50% apricot. They are a cross between an Angeleno plum, seed parent, x an unknown apricot, pollen parent. They were patented as “sweetcot.” They are now off patent. Invented by Bradford Genectics.

Thanks Alan! I will thin my peaches like you suggested next year when I can see fruit.

On the east coast, Saturn, Galaxy’s older sister (white peaches are always considered females for some reason- maybe because women tend to like them more than men) is a huge brown rot magnet- even more than TangO’s.

I’m sure in CA the level of sugar is so high that Galaxy is a somewhat different fruit than here, but I always find yellows to be more peachy- and the carotene must mean higher Vit. A content. Of course, that’s no reason not to enjoy a delicious white peach.

I also bought a pack of those peaches last week. I liked them very much. They have pleasant aroma, soft flesh, very juicy and nice amount of sugar. They were different from the other types of peaches I bought in the store (my trees are to small to bear anything). It is good to know that they are Tango’s. I would like to grow them, but I think they probably are not hardy in my area.

Antmary, it is a relatively hardy peach and probably good to Z5.

It’s not surprising to me TangOs are making a hit in the store. I expect eventually you will be able to buy decent tasting TangOs out of a bulk bin, like other peaches (which aren’t decent tasting).

Firmness has always been the number one issue for selling peaches in the grocery store. Most peaches have to be picked way too early in order to get a firm enough peach. TangOs are naturally more firm when they are ripe, so they will be able to be picked closer to ripeness.

I suspect these TangOs are flying off the shelves, which will prompt more wholesale growers to plant more TangOs.

I could easily see this becoming like the Honeycrisp phenomena. Most consumers have never had anything near like a decent tasting peach (as was the case for apples before the Honeycrisp mania). If people can get a decent tasting TangOs in the store, it will completely change the paradigm for store bought peaches.

Back in Sam’s Today…noticed they sell both Honey Lite and Honey Blaze nectarines (they are in the 4lb bags)… I bought a bag of Honey Blaze (you have to look at the boxes they come in…should say the variety on one end… I plan on keeping the seed and growing them out since I don’t think anyone sells HB anymore.

I wonder why no one sells Honeyblaze anymore. I got a couple when Adams was offering them. One of them almost died over the winter. For some reason it didn’t harden off. It’s almost ready to pick now.

I’ve been impressed with how well it has tolerated our torrential rains this season. The fruit is of course spotty, but the foliage held up better than a lot of peach trees. Varieties I’ve never seen any bac. spot on are significantly defoliated this year from all the rain, but not the Honeyblaze. This surprises me because nects are generally more susc. to bac. spot anyway and Honeyblaze is a Zaiger creation. Typically his stuff doesn’t tolerate rain at all.

Woke up yesterday and it was a sunny morning with 97% humidity. That’s generally unheard of in July in KS. We are down to get a couple more inches of rain with the next storm system starting tonight. It will probably crack all the Honeyblaze nectarines.