Peach pits

Does anyone know of a good source for peach pits if a person wanted to start their own rootstock? I have found a few but they are pretty pricey.

I have a bunch of Nectarine pits that haven’t been stratified

I think that people from this forum would be the best sources of peach pits. During peach harvesting season we’ll have plenty of them, many of us would not try germinating them.

If you could wait another year, I can send you in the fall. I buried peach pits in ground in the fall of 2017. Last spring plenty of them came up. It definitely was an easy way to get seedlings.

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If I don’t find any I will definitely ask this summer. I never remember to save any and I though about grafting a bunch next spring.

If you decide you don’t need them just let me know.

Or come by the orchard this summer, if you are in the area. We throw dropped fruit away by the bushel. I don’t let people take dropped fruit way unless they promise to only feed it to livestock.

If I know you are coming, I’ll leave plenty of drops on the ground for you. You don’t have to buy anything. In fact most of the time I’m sold out anyway.

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Thanks olpea, I will try to make it up there. As of now I have some coming from fellow members here. Thanks everyone!